Not a bad WipEout game for the Vita but can get real frustrating and track design can be confusing.

User Rating: 7 | WipEout 2048 VITA
So I got my hands on the PSVita and got WipEout 2048 along with it and I must admit the game is pretty decent at the time with crisp-clear graphics, gameplay and also, the rearranged versions of the songs from previous WipEout games is just awesome. But the why I gave it a 7 instead of 10 is this. It lacked single race mode and you start by only picking one ship at the start which is the Feisar and you unlock 3 more teams and their ships consisting of 4 types which also had to be unlocked, Speed, Agility, Fighter and Prototype.

Instead the traditional speed classes such as Venom, Rapier, Phantom etc. There is C, B, A, A+ and MACH-1 classes considering M1 is the fastest which kinda ruined my experience with WipEout. The controls are slick but the track design in the game is really confusing since you'll end up crashing since the tracks has too many shortcuts and AI which are really agressive and cheap but does fuel the challenge uses them all the time thus leaving you back of the pack even pilot asset can mess you up few times. Oh and the disadvantage of falling off the track is back from HD, everytime you fail to land when airborune, you spawn back right where you jumped from. Instead of Gold Medals, Silver Medals and even Bronze Medals, there is Pass and Elite Pass, Elite Pass is the REAL Gold Medal.

Even though WipEout HD had some elements from Pure and Pulse, this one however is different. Load times are ok but hate to say this, this game could of been better if Tournament and even several modes like single race is included and make the tracks less confusing and frustrating.