Winter Sports Games Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Master every Giant Slalom Track at least once without missing a gate. All the gates!
    Be first on all Bobsled courses. Bob Master
    You came first in the Bronze Cup Competition! Bronze Cup Winner
    Be first on all Downhill courses. Downhill Master
    Be first on all Giant Slalom courses. Giant Slalom Master
    You made the first place in the Gold Cup Competition! Gold Cup Winner
    Reach 100 km/h or more in luge. High Speed
    You came first in the Iron Cup Competition! Iron Cup Winner
    Fly more than 125 metres in one single Ski Jump. Long Jump
    Be first on all Luge courses. Luge Master
    Kick overall more than 50 opponent stones out of the house in Curling. Out of the house!
    Place all your Curling stones in one set better than your opponent. Perfect Game
    Master a single run without any collision (bobsled and luge). Perfect!
    You came first in the Gold Cup Competition! Silver Cup Winner
    Land 50 ski jumps by Telemark. Telemark Enthusiast
    Finish a Giant Slalom even though you missed 3 gates or more. Too proud to quit
    You came first in the Wood Cup Competition! Wood Cup Winner

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