Buyer's remorse anyone!? :/

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(Posting this here as it'd DEFINITELY get axed on the Official Wildstar forums! Only freedom of speech they believe in is their own!)

Anybody else nervous at the prospect of NCSoft handling this one!? I mean, I pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition... and just the impression of what I've seen of NCSoft and their incompetence already is already filling me with buyer's remorse.

It's a proven fact through HISTORY that EVERYTHING that NCSoft gets their hands on, goes straight to CRAP. Seriously... they canned City of Heroes when it was still popular and in a prime, they did okay with Guild Wars 1 -- but near the end... yeah, whatever -- and then Guild Wars 2... holy crap, I was more worried in that game that I'd get ganked by a power-crazed moderator/admin than I would a high-level end-game mob! And now Wildstar... thank goodness Carbine hasn't let NCSoft get too involved... but already, what "control" NCSoft has, is already going to their head, I swear. NCSoft is like the gold-digging pre-madonna on a power-trip.

Still recall in Guild Wars 2 that as long as somebody was a fan boy and sung NCSoft's praises to the mountain tops... they could do *LITERALLY* anything they wanted... they could cuss you out so bad a sailor would BLUSH -- in public region chat, and as soon as you even looked at them crooked, the admins/mods would lynch your three ways from Wednesday. The Wildstar official forums are even showing that... have talked to a few from the forums there that have already had their share of issues. I had one earlier... a new forced patch came out yesterday, before which I could load the game fine, after of which, couldn't even get a display and got an error I don't usually get. Seems the patch for some strange reason decided to alter my display configs to use an improper video frequency that was out of range... 50hz instead of 60hz. Nothing major, have to fix it before I can launch the game... had to hammer around in .ini files to manually fix it. So between yesterday morning's fiasco where they really pushed the little red button, and then the patch FUBARing the game for a short time... I decided to post that I found an issue from the patch, and between that, the morning, and how over time there's not all too much confidence being inspired... I pointed out that I was starting to get nervous and was a tad unhappy... since part of the pre-order was "guaranteed beta" access.

For the record, I'm not one of those that treat beta like "early access" or "head start", I *KNOW* I'm there to test, find bugs, and report them... and that's what I was TRYING to do... but sue me for being a tad upset that "guaranteed" was becoming questionable because everytime I turned around something else was being broken... and with everything else going on, in an odd way, I felt like I had to babysit NCSoft to an extent, when I'm the one who's the paying customer... the hell!?

So anyways, I post that I'm a bit unhappy, don't go outside of guidelines, etc. Post the problem I had and how to fix it in case anybody else has it. Suddenly "the elitists" show up and start posting that nobody else is having the problem, it's just me, I don't know what I'm talking about, the patch didn't break anything, it was my system, blah blah blah. So I go about pointing out that at least half a dozen bug-report threads and general conversation threads would say otherwise. Let them know that I didn't like they way they were condescending towards me, and that I put them on ignore for being ignorant; also since it seemed to be getting negative attention, I decided to change the post to "problem solved, please remove thread" and changed the title to something of the same. Another two or three elitists show up to defend their little "girlfriend" (pretty sure it was a dude, but anyways), and told them pretty much the same, pointing out that I started the thread, the problem's been fixed, it's a dead thread, and continued provocation constitutes trolling and would be reported. I went ahead and reported their posts anyways just to be safe.

I mean, meanwhile it's perfectly fine and dandy for people to scream bloody murder because the new UI is supposedly so eye-bleeding awful (even though I like the new UI) and not shiny enough... or how dare their FPS not be at least 100... but when the software actually and literally breaks your configuration so that the game won't even load properly... Lord forbid you don't smile and say, "thank you sir, may I pretty please have another!?"

After that, things went kind of dead. Now something in the realm of ohhh 6-7 hours later I get an email that says I received a warning on the forums. I was like, "what the hell!?". I go to the forums and check... and the nitwit, clueless, incompetent moderator actually gave me a warning for my own thread where my original intention was to point out that their latest patch was causing issues for myself and a small handful of others. So I messaged them, asked what the hell. They said, "you shouldn't respond in kind, and next time should report them" -- I informed them that I did report them, almost SEVEN HOURS ago... that I didn't need to be getting emails at work and dealing with NCSoft's nonsense while AT WORK! So when I asked if they got warnings too, got the typical, "policy states that we can't discuss that" (derp derp derp). Uh huh, whatever... so I kindly pointed out to them and I'll even paste exactly what I said to them:

"Now there's irony... at the time I did report, and nothing was done... thread wasn't closed, was just left to let things keep going. Then I get slapped. Wow, guess that's a good impression to NOT report any future issues with the game... I mean after all... wouldn't want to get reprimanded again for further insights to patches breaking/changing configurations or game issues or anything... that might only be constructive... who wants that on the forums anyways. Next monitor that actually blows because for some reason the patch changes the frequency configuration to go out of range... hey, not my problem... just glad I caught my issue when I did; not that the game would run unless I did, but still.

Know what, never mind, just forget it... don't really care."

That's NCSoft for you... the software you're getting from them keeps breaking stuff, you fix it, you try to bring it to peoples attention, you get trolled/harassed... and then YOU get in trouble for it... yeah, YOU... these are the morons that are handling Wildstar's publication... the same morons that KILLED City of Heroes and just about made Guild Wars 1 & 2 an afterthought when they had worlds more potential. I'm finding myself constantly asking myself, "what the hell am I doing being fooled into investing with these clown again for!?"... at least I didn't subscribe ahead, just have the free 30 days that come with the pre-order, but kind of worried where even that will go. Guess we'll see... for those that don't know the TRUE colors of NCSoft, feel free to look up their track-record... when you do, just bare down, brace for impact, and hope for the best I guess! :-/