Anybody having issues /w Wildstar's official forums/access!?

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Not sure what's going on. Been doing beta for Wildstar, got a beta-code, partook in this most recent beta-weekend... even gave them sterling feedback... as I managed to actually get Wildstar running quite smoothly on my box with a single-core and 2gb Ram, nVidia 9600 GSO 512, WinXP Pro SP3 /w Ubuntu dual-boot (upgrading system within the next week). Been posting feedback on the forums fine, partaking in discussions, no problems... lots of people liking my posts, etc. Then tonight, while at work... I log into the forums like I do most nights at work... I notice I can't like any posts, can't start new threads, can't reply to existing threads, can't even edit my own posts... after a bit I look at my profile, and for some reason they switched my access to group "Guests"!? Was even planning on pre-ordering Wildstar for myself and the missus come next payday (15th). Never had any issues, warnings, etc... just BAM, guests... I still see other people on the forums posting regularly and fine.

Had high hopes for Wildstar, and still want to... hoping it's not going to be the same power-trip games they pulled in GW2. Kind of stinks... the last post I made already has something like 7-10 people liking it, conversation still going, but unable to partake anymore. >_<

PS - Even submitted a ticket to support asking why I got switched to "Guests" group... been over two hours and no reply. *sigh* :-/ (Actually feels about as horrible as being banned... but never got any emails, warnings, never did anything worthy of being banned... forums even say under my pic "0 warning points"... and when I click it, it says, "There are no warnings to display". T_T

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@Optimist_Pryme: Well, finally got a reply back from support. Seems the backward-stupidity of NCSoft strikes again. Appears you need to get a different beta key for EACH beta!? WTF!? Every other beta I've ever done, once you were chosen as a beta-tester, you were onboard for the entirity of the beta! *facepalm* OMG, I can so see them !@#!ing up Wildstar the same way they did with Guild Wars 2... Lord, help us! Here's the meat-and-potatoes of the email they sent back:

"We took a look through our system and can confirm that the key registered to your account was for a previous testing event. As of the end of that event, players with weekend event accounts will no longer have access to the game or forums. If you attempt to log into the game client you will receive the error message "No valid game account" or "no realms available."

Your account is still intact, however, so if you get a key for any future Beta events, or purchase the pre-order, your characters will still be in place until the Head Start." (AKA: "Show me the money!"... perhaps NCSoft is more like Blizzard than I thought... wow, just wow! *smh*)

Who would have thunk the NC in NCSoft stood for "not competent"... >:(

EDIT: Wow, then in Google searching yo see if anybody else has had this problem... come to find at least half a dozen sites allowed to do beta-key giveaways... some claiming up to 300,000 keys!? So, let me get this straight... NCSoft take the people that have been loyally doing beta-testing for them, giving them feedback, reporting bugs, paying them praise, (while so many other do the typical claiming of treating it as early access and just to get ahead of every other player)... kick them to the curb, then hand out a couple million beta-keys to suck in other people to use and lose other testers!? WTF!? *facedesk* Well, those asshats just lost mine and the missus sub... this is BS!

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You will be back because WildStar is the new standard....They so many slots they can fill and everyone should get a chance to play the beta for free. If you tested the game and didn't buy it then you were not going to anyway...your just a free loader.

READY YOURSELVES!!!! WildStar is it man. Everything you want from Crafting, to PvP, to Housing, to Raids needing the "Holy Trinity" all this mixed with quest that you can redo differently.. when you.... level your alts?? WHAT??? Yes that's right, alt grinding is a thing of the past!!!

People This game does so many things right you will never miss your half naked female toons of the more realistic MMO's...

and don't even try and compare how WildStar looks next to any other game out there... can't do it...any other big named "cartoon like" game out right now looks and moves more like Minecraft than WildStar.

And many more things about this game that are so "IT'S ABOUT FRAKKING TIME!", that when you try the beta you will hear yourself say "no way, nO Wayy..." at least 20 times in the 1st hour, I've been doing this a long and was all about the NO WAY!! I'm not kidding and I started gaming on a 80286 SX/DX or better known as an IBM game will last!

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CellSix... you just made me help decide to go download Wildstar. thanks for that post. :)