Fun little game for only $10.

User Rating: 7 | Wild West Guns WII
Bought it last night, and we played it for about 2 hours. It has a very good multi-player feel. The only significant thing I found lacking was the ability for it to track high scores. There are simply Player 1 and Player 2. There is an Achievement board, but I never saw anything added to it; maybe during later game play something will come up.

In my opinion, its only $10 and I find it totally worth the money. Keep in mind, its not a $40 new boxed game, so its not going to have that level of refinement. I am a fan of shooter games and I am constantly looking for games for use with the Wii Zapper, and Wild West Guns scratches the itch.

Bottom line, its worth the money and a campy pleasure the play. If you liked the Zelda shooting game that shipped with the Zapper, then you'll like Wild West Guns.