Wild Arms Cheats For PlayStation

  1. 255 Item Trick

    First, make sure that you have only ONE of the item that you want 255 of, any more sort of screws up the process. Next, get into any battle(I would suggest one on the field around Adlehyde so you're only being hit by Balloons, Pillbugs, or Goblins). Have Rudy use a Heal Berry, then have Jack use one too. Have Cecilia select the Heal Berry and switch it with the item you want duplicated, then exit the item screen and have her defend. After the turn is over, you can complete the battle as you please, because you'll have 255 of the item you switched with the Heal Berry!

    Contributed by: XCaribbeanBlueX 

  2. How to obtain max apples and other neat items the non-glitch way.

    During the festival in Adlehyde, there is a mole catching game towards the lower left of the area. It costs 100 gella to play, and if you catch 12, 13, 14, or 15 moles, you will get a stat apple. These apples can be sold to the man in the middle of the festival for 225 gella each, thus allowing you to play, gain apples, sell the apples, and play more. This can also be done with Full Revive (10 moles). If you are particularly good, 16+ moles will give you Nectar, which can be sold for an amazing 3,750 gold! You can max out your stats without using a glitch and get other hard-to-find items such as Revive Fruit and Bullet Clip this way.

    Contributed by: Stephen Smith 

  3. Bonus Dungeon: The Abyss

    In order to access this tough Secret Dungeon, you must go to an Elw Pyramid (any will do) on the world map. Make sure you have Rudy's Power Glove Tool, which is obtained in the dungeon Gemini's Corpse, and that your characters have Bad or Worst Luck Status ratings for better chances at triggering this event. You must hit the base of the transporter with the Power Glove tool and step onto it while the screen is still shaking. There will be a chance that the device will malfunction (if it doesn't, try again), and instead of bouncing off of the Satellite and ending up in another Elw Pyramid, you will actually get stuck inside of the Satellite itself.

    Welcome to The Abyss. This dungeon contains unique and powerful items you won't find anywhere else in the game, as well as the game's toughest boss. There is a device in the first room that will send you back to Filgaia from which you came.

    Contributed by: ClaudeLv250 

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