Wild Arms 5 is a decent game for anyone who enjoys animated rpg's but has some flaws that are just hard to ignore

User Rating: 7.5 | Wild ARMs 5 (10th Anniversary Edition) PS2
Wild Arms 5 i will say right from the start is worth playing
it doesn't look as good as 4 did and although 4 totally dropped the western theme completely i thought was a wonderful game and was much better than this
but that is not to say this is a bad game
some good new features to the game include the platforming style
unlike 4 you walk around with more of a 3D Zelda view which i guess is a good thing.... you use your guns to solve puzzled which i found very entertaining even though it sometimes gave you the erg to go blazing enemies rather than the turn based battles the game offers
i will say once again i did prefer the more classic style of platforming in 4 but this game offered a new thing so you can't complain... both are good
one thing about this game that i did not like but was suppose to be a "good" thing was the world
they give you large landscapes to explore which in many games would be a good thing but in this game just seemed to make things a pain in the back side
unlike most games with large explorable worlds there just isn't much to do
they give you tons of room but you can search high and low and not find anything
their are hidden chests and stuff but it doesn't seem worth your time unless you look up the locations in which case you wouldn't be exploring on your own
not to mention the graphics are dull and boring
nothing is very attractive and all the dungeons look pretty much exactly the same with a different layout and color
with the vast world i think there should be more secrets that are more interesting than just some treasure... there are other secrets but none to great
the battle system is still great and tons of fun
a lot of strategy and you don't feel forced to do specific things in battle allowing for much creativity
the story isn't amazing but it does it's job and one thing i really liked about this game were the cut scenes
they did a very good job
the only problem is there are hardly any of them
honestly though they are what kept me playing the game
i would be frustrated getting a headache from all the boring crap and then all of a sudden a bad ars cut scene would pop up making me go "wow"
they are very entertaining with cool looking battles not just talking
one more thing.... this game has a few additions that are suppose to be funny for players of the previous game but all they do is make them look bad
for instance Yulie is found on the cover of a porn magazine....
not very funny if you ask me...
over all this game is worth playing but the repetitive dungeons and landscapes make it hard to bear at times