The good and the bad...

User Rating: 7.5 | Wild ARMs 5 (10th Anniversary Edition) PS2
Hi there. I just finished wild arms 5.
Good intro and the game sucked me right in. They find a girl with amnesia.The only thing she remembers are the 2 words jonny appleseed. so they start on a quest finding this person. Along the way they make some friends(playable) but the story evolved verry slowly for me, and rushes in the end. Gameplay is really good. the hex system is a good system and makes it tactical. Graphics in this game are not to good but it is ok.mostly after the next dungeon you get some nice cut scenes. Some are voice acted and for me that was done verry good! You really get a band with your characters this way!
In the end this was a game i really liked playing. It has some problems but it's a solid title to play for an rpg fan! So if you like the genre give it a go. you wont regret it!