It may seem like a cliched story but give it a chance and it will unravel into something much more memorable

User Rating: 10 | Wild ARMs 5 (10th Anniversary Edition) PS2
When it comes to the wild arms series I enjoy playing them just as much as I enjoy playing Final Fantasy. Wild Arms 5 takes us back to the western world of Filgaia where two races make up the world The Humans and the Veruni. The Veruni are in conrtol of the Humans and the story starts out with a young boy named Dean who as an annoying obession with Golems. as him and his freind freind rebecca are out one day the come across a girl who as seemed to have lost her Memory (yes cliched for an RPG I know but give it time it is the best storyline in the series). The only complaints I have is some of the puzzles they about make you want to chuck your controller across the room some of the music is impressive but most of it is nothing out of the ordinary. another thing that can be frustrating is the one on one character battles if you do not proberly prepare yourself. I recommend it to any RPG Fan and Especially to anybody who loves The Wild Arms Series. Keep wishing for Wild Arms 6 cause I wanna see it.