Dragged on. Wild arms 4 was better.

User Rating: 7.5 | Wild ARMs 5 (10th Anniversary Edition) PS2
You play as a young boy named Dean and his childhood friend is Rebecca. One day a massive hand (golem hand) falls from the sky and a girl lays within it. She reveals that all she remember it her name, Avril and a name Johnny Appleseed. So you embark on a journey to help this girl and find out who this man is. 7/10

The gameplay is within a Hex System. It is turn-based. you can use magic and other skills and do combo attacks with your party. the battle system is just like a more complex turn-based system. It can get boring but it rarely effected me. I found the enemies repetitive and sometimes extremely hard. 8/10

The graphics could be better for a late release of a PS2 game. But however they are pleasing to the eye and nothing you can't bare. 8/10

The music still contains a western theme within it to stay true to the series. It can b catchy but can get annoying. I however did not have much trouble with it. 7/10

This game bored me for some reason. i don't know what it was about it. i think the story was kind of slow. 30/40