Uses the same combat system as WA4, story is a bit monotone, yet it's still a fun JRPG !

User Rating: 8 | Wild ARMs 5 (10th Anniversary Edition) PS2
Wild arms 5's story is very simple and basic, using the usual JRPG cliches, however, the game is decent at best.

The world is large and vibrant, battles are random, and other than the main character, you get to use 6 other members whom you meet as the story progresses. WA5 uses the traditional 'western' theme as its forebears, and keeps the sci fi to a minimum - well, at least half way through until the end where you get to see the zenith of wild arms' wackiness.

For item hunters, there is a plethora of gear to collect, most notably weapon enhancements, armor, and series' mainstay gear sheriff stars are all collectable.

Sidequest wise, if you keep a keen eye out you can see previous games' protagonists throughout the world, and some will even give you sidequests to pursue. There's also the multitude of bonus bosses to hunt and find, puzzle quests and treasure chests to solve and acquire.

Some tips: If you run low on mp early on, a tactic you can use is to intentionally lose the battle and if you continue you'll be able to restart the battle with full hp and mp. Caveat though, make sure you know you can win the battle even with full hp/mp. Also, leveling up in this game is surprisingly easy. You can literally grind for hours on end once you unlock the 4 EF towers. I presume that the reasoning towards this is because levels are used as currency for certain powerful items, i.e, you trade accumulated levels to get an item

In conclusion, wild arms 5 has a very simple, yet traditional tale of a wild arms jrpg. It is worth a play just for the heck of it, however, series fans may be let down, but don't despair, its still a great game with all the in game things to do .