One Of The Best RPGs I've Ever Played.

User Rating: 9 | Wild Arms: The 4th Detonator PS2
Wild Arms 4 is an excellent game from Exseed in the amazing series of WILD ARMS.The game creators knew what to remove and what to add in WILD ARMS as compared to the games before this one in its series,the example is the simple battle system which was replaced by the new hexagonal battle system in which you can move your character from one hexagon to the other and some hexagons have special powers which can boost some certain attacks.
The graphics in this game are just AMAZING!!each and every tiny and huge thing is detailed so good that it'll take your mind off of the game just to enjoy the view.The towns are typical J-RPG type of in which citizens are busy in their daily life routines,and each and every one has some ideas they can share with us.The dungeons are the main attraction from visual prospective,because they are designed so well and so detailed that its just amazing.Some dungeons are dark and spooky with scary monsters roaming in them while some are huge and complex buildings used as military operations.
The story is also great in which we control a young 13 year old boy whose living on a floating island above the Filgaia the world of wild arms.They story has both its funny moments and sad ones.The side quests are also interesting which will propagate you throughout Filgaia,and remember there's always a cool prize waiting for you after a you've completed the quest.The only bad thing i find in this game is that you can only experience the fun of the game one time and thats when your playing it the first time because the game has no unlockables after you've completed the game.but thats not a big deal you'll want to play thing game again becaus eof its coolness

SO WILD ARMS 4 GETS 9.0 OUT OF 10 from me