The 4th time is a charm

User Rating: 8.4 | Wild Arms: The 4th Detonator PS2
I will start this review out by saying that I have been a Wild Arms fanwoman since the very first game. When Media Vision and SCEI created the Wild Arms series they made some of the most interesting video game characters around. This time around XSEED made this new installment of Wild Arms and they made the characters interesting. As with all Wild Arms games the main theme is about how ARMS are meant to either save or destroy the world.

You start out the game as Jude Maverick a young man in the town of Ciel. Jude after a day of goofing off decides to go out looking for some berries to eat, and that starts the young hero’s adventure. Jude sees a “tear” in the sky and goes to investigate further. Jude goes through the Army base and meets up with Arnaud E. Vasquez. The two seemingly and unlikely partnership go and try and rescue a girl named Yulie Ahtreide. After the three of you get together, you will meet your fourth party member Raquel Applegate in the following town. Within the first 30-60 minutes of the game you will have all 4 of your party members.

The land of Filagia has fallen into decay again and it is up to you and your counterparts to try and fix it. This installment of Wild Arms doesn’t have as much of a Western flair as the other ones, but it is just as good. Also the “Tool” function isn’t the same in this installment as with the others, but it is just as good. This game is more of an action platformer then an RPG, but it is just as good as the other Wild Arms games.

The new Hex battle system is easy to use and works to your advantage. It would have been nice for them to add more elements then Water, Fire and Earth. The graphics are very good visually ,and the voice acting is better then most games have. There are also some puzzles in the game , but they are nothing like the puzzles in the old Wild Arms games.
In this Wild Arms game you can convert your Wild Arms Alter Code F save data into some
Items that you get in the beginning of the game.

I have enjoyed the Wild Arms series and this is no exception. The story is short and linear, but it is a very enjoyable linear. For the $39.99 price tag this was definitely worth the ride.