User Rating: 7.4 | Wild Arms: The 4th Detonator PS2
HHmmmm what to say? What to say? I have played through all the WA games to date and agree they have had some great points and some... errr not so great. Still it is an RPG and hense cannot apparently be perfect (well except Chrono Trigger which was about as close to perfect and you can get) Anyways. WA has always been know for puzzles and physically acting on things in the game to progress the storyline but WA4 imho has been a bit off the deep end.

Jumping, Sliding, Jumping, Dragging, Jumping and Pushing (I did mention Jumping right? ) At times the game feels more like a old school platiformer then an RPG. Oh well.

Mind you the battles are pretty tight. Trying to balance in the different strengths and weakneses of the characters. Though this in time gets old itself. Yulie (and to a lesser degree Arnaud) just cannot be counted on to melee that mod (or to stay alive) Still, trying to keep a tight grouping on the levels of my characters has made me pay attention to battles (currently level 59 with a 12k exp point spread). The graphics are fair to good and the sound is about what one would expect from a WA game.

Bottom line (on the bottom line) is that if you are a fan of the Wild Arms games then get this. If not you might want to wait a few weeks until a different title comes out or the price drops are least.