The game got a nice ring to it "4th detonator"

User Rating: 7.8 | Wild Arms: The 4th Detonator PS2
Well, for start, i think the characters from the second wild arms to the latest got some personality (got no chance at playing the first yet, might try the alter code anyway) a paladeinei, a warrior, a gadgeteer and a formula user. The concept is so simple... teamwork... some people like everything laid in for them (same goes for me)... example, when i defeated the boss with high defense using my warrior, the warrior would take most of the xp... and thus will make the character levelling be a bit unsteady... true.. to some point... i tried my best to collect all the growth apple available =). I for one would like to level up my character first before i venture deeper into the game... works for me everytime i got a new rpg. this game also have some brilliant enemies like the gob, which level up as the story progresses.. definitely add some challenge to the rpg battle addicts. I like the graphic... not jagged, nice explosions, smooth transition of arms, nice in game movie like the material summoning. Game script and voice acting sucks hard though, example for the theme song, the music just rocks with all the whisteling and stuff, but the singer (omg) simon would just send her out at once...just an advice... wanna play japanese game, learn how to read and understand japanese if you want a perfect gameplay experience... not that i can read or understand them though... hahaha... Overall, the game looks promising. A journey from a boy to become a man.. a clever way to learn about responsibility. A very nice and ambitious game