what a great RPG ... addictive ...

User Rating: 8.9 | Wild Arms: The 4th Detonator PS2
First off, I'd like to say that I've been following Wild Arms since the first...

Wild Arms is still a classic RPG and will stay. Wild Arms 2 was boring...it froze in one of the stages (on a huge bridge) but I was like "so what?" I didn't like it anyway...Wild Arms 3 was OK. Never finished it but I played most of it and it was a lot better than the second installment. And the remake version of the first Wild Arms ... it's better than 3 but I kinda felt more connected to the original than the remake.

Now comes this and it's like "whoa, what the hell?" in a positive way. It's the best Wild Arms since the original, and it MIGHT be better. Dunno, just opinions.

Storyline: 13-year old Jude, the only child in Ciel Village (he never saw any other child in his whole life - nowhere) goes off in the forest when he sees vessels literally make a tear in the sky and comes into the forest. He stumbles in one of the vessels and meets with a girl named Yulie, who's been kidnapped and Arnaud, who's a Drifter. He and Arnaud follows the soldiers and Yulie back to the village where in this fateful meeting, Jude discovers that he is naturally born to wield an ARM. Stopping the soldiers with the ARM, he also destroys the village and all are forced to evacuate.
Jude learns that his village was in a floating sphere in the sky, hidden away from the real world of Filgaia which was destroyed by the war 10 years earlier for a better life. Jude, Yulie and Arnaud meet up with a female swordsman called Raquel who aids them in their journey to get Yulie away from the Brionac Forces who wants her special powers of dealing with ARMs in their hands as Jude and co. try also to learn their true identites (Jude's and Yulie's). 8/10

Gameplay: Quite strange for an RPG ... it reminds me of an adventure game, more like - due to its jumping and moving obstacles and skidding and climbing and smashing boxes and carrying objects for puzzles ... and more. You get the deal. It's still an RPG but it involves a lot of these, like jumping from ledge to ledge and if you fall in between you'll re-spawn. You still interact with people and buy items for the journey, too.
Battles are hard to explain...they're still turn-based like the previous Wild Arms, but they work out in hexagons which a character and enemy moves from hexagon to hexagon in order to get closer to an enemy/ally or farther. Melee attacks can only occur from one hexagon to the next, but long-range weapons are exceptional. And magic. Really fun for turn-based battles :D 10/10

Sound: This is the first Wild Arms which contains voice-acting and voices don't always appears. They appear in movies, conversations before a boss battle and while battling. But still, the voices are cool. The music is typically Wild Arms, western-style which really suits the game. And groans of pains of the character if he drops on a ledge from a great height or the "Let's pretend that didn't happen" phrase Jude says when he falls off the screen kinda makes me laugh hehe 8/10

Graphics: The animation of the characters are interesting - and colourful. The way your character runs is comical, too as when he's running, white dust comes from his shoes like in some cartoon. The locations are very beautiful, too. From rural to urban towns, volcanoes to snowy mountains to forests, train stations, high-tech labs ... and more. They're really beautifully-designed. 8/10

For those who played Wild Arms in the past... the World Map is no more crossing large plains but really walking on dots on a map. But it's really not that bad, you still have other large wilderness stages to cross.

Overall, it's a very enjoyable and addictive RPG. I think it's the most enjoyable Wild Arms to date.