If you just want to let your time flows slowly enough to enjoy game, this game will surely keep your nerve down.

User Rating: 5.8 | Wild Arms: The 4th Detonator PS2
Frankly spoken, I only grab myself this game as there is no other game that matched my interest when I went on to the nearest store to grab some game during the holiday.

As a intermediate player, I had never try out neither WA1, 2 nor 3: Alter Code F before, just as Grandia III.

The first thing in my mind when I bought this title. What's with the ARMS? Does it supposed to be the human arm or what-so-ever? Nah, later at the medium stage of the game, then only I realise that A.R.M was actually a weapon developed during the past war.

Overally spoken, the character themselves are kinda attractive, esp. Yulie (the name is kinda cute too ^.^). However, Raquel the girl swordman didn't appear to be attractive at all, as I espect her to be more, erm, sexy? O.O As for the guys, Arnaud DOES appear as a youth, but for Jude, a kid being a main character? Well, I wonder why does kids are so popular till they become the main character in the game lately... No answer from me though.

As a matter of fact, I am quite impressed with the Hexagon-battle-style system. In fact, this is the first time where I come into a game such as this. The instructions that are given throughout the gameplay sure helps a lot. Even a beginner like me had no hard time playing this game. I'm sure you won't have a problem trying to command your characters during the battle scene.

Speaking of the graphic, the most eye-candy thing is the scene where Yulie trying to use her "MATERIAL" command to summon other A.R.Ms that will assist you in the battle (which need 25 FP to use the command). The characters illustrations are well and the environment are stunning. Puzzles
As usual, what's the point of a RPG game without puzzles and solutions. Throughout the game you will meet certain puzzles where your brain start to work out in order to proceed to the later stage. The puzzles are kinda easy to crack, so you won't have a problem at all. If compared to MENSA puzzles, the puzzles used in the game are as easy as ABC.

Needless to say, the BGM used in this game surely matched the game. Esp. the battle scene.

The command used in this game isn't really challenging at all. If you lose, you will get a chance to retry the previous battle without needed to load the save file again. I'm really dissapointed with this as where's the fun if you can just keep on losing and retry it? What's the point of the SAVE POINT if you can just beat the boss over and over again without the need to worry about losing the battle as you can try it over and over again and not having to bother loading your save file? Kinda weird isn't it?
Besides, the analyst command didn't work as Final Fantasy scan. In this game, whenever you want to scan the enemies details, all you need to do is just pressing it without losing turn. Unlike FF, scans is consider as a turn-based action and you will lose your turn if you use the command. -
There is no much skill to be learned in this game, so don't bother to reach the max. out of your level if you think you can aqquire special skills in the highest level.

Needless to say, RPG is popular based on it's storyline, which I won't touch much in this section. If you managed to end this game, I'm sure you will be touched by the ending scene in this game. For me, I almost cried as it is very touchy, which I won't spoil for you.

As a conclusion, this game is worth a shot for everyone who like RPG. However, most of the time you won't really sweating when holding your PS2 controller when fighting bosses as there is no need to panic if you lose or whatsoever.