A lot shorter, easier, and not as great as a story as Wild Arms 3 but it was okay I guess.

User Rating: 7 | Wild Arms: The 4th Detonator PS2

Things I liked about this game:
The story line was pretty good.
You can power up your characters the way you want to.
The load times are great.
There are a bunch of Badges that you can get (every other role playing game calls them accessories though).
The combined Character moves are pretty cool.
There are a bunch of Special moves you can get all unique to each character.

Things I didn’t like:
The characters graphics could have used a lot of work.
It was very short. Compared to Wild Arms 3 this game is an embarrassment.
There is so much reading and hardly any Voice acting (this is the thing I hated most about this game).
I didn’t like the new combat system they set up.
The puzzles were pretty easy.
Only one of your characters actually gets an Arm.

The game was okay but was expecting so much more with as Awesome as Wild Arms 3 was. I was very disappointed.