A nice battle system with a new added platforming element that makes puzzles more enjoyable. Though not as good as WA3.

User Rating: 7.9 | Wild Arms: The 4th Detonator PS2
At first when you think "Wild Arms" you think something about flailing your arms at the public or if your familiar with the series the wild west. Sadly they took 90% of the western out and added more industrialized setting. Though only one person with a gun. WA is mostly known for it puzzle solving with diffrent characters to do certain things but now you can only play as Jude who is atually a dude. Anyway they added platforming a nice touch to make puzzles more enjoyable but not the best I have seen. Anyway like most of my reviews I should get to what its about. Jude a lazy boy who just wants to skip class winds up finding a weird camp filled with soldiers. So what does he do? He goes all Solid Snake on them and hides behind things to get inside,like all boys with small attention spans the size of a cock roach. He finds a igrl trapped so what does he do? He tryes to break her out thats what! But then everything goes to heck quickly and his home is destroyed and he escapes to some place with 2 people from the camp, Arnaud and Yulie the girl he was trying to rescue. But the big stand out of this game is the battle system its so enjoyable. Its HEX based as it gets you thinking about stratagy even if Arnaud's mind is razor sharp you have to do some of the thinking yourself. Its a good battle system that I didn't mind the 10000 battles I fought. Though with the new platforming in here I actualy skipped some of the battles for the puzzles. But the platforming isn't poslished as you might think. But anyway now to the grafics. The grafics are like a pixilated anime. It may not be the best but certainly is good. The sounds is just like the grafics,good. Though the problem is that the game is only about 20 hours long or so. Thats the main downfall. Though and the story could have been alittle better though this is still a solid game that you can spend your 50 Gella on.