Wii Sports is the ideal pack-in game. The game flawlessly introduces the wiimote and is fun for the whole family.

User Rating: 8.9 | Wii Sports WII
The best thing about the Nintendo Wii is once you purchase the console you already have a game to play, free of charge. This game is Wii Sports, a game Nintendo bundles in with every console.

Wii Sports is a simple sports game which consists of five sports which are: baseball, bowling, boxing, golf, and tennis. All five of these games use the wiimote in a unique and fun way. Instead of just hitting buttons on a controller to play these sports you actually get taken into the game. For example, with bowling you hold down the b button, take your approach, throw the ball, and you wish you can twist the controller to throw a hook.

The controls are for the most part excellent, with a few flaws in tennis and golf. When playing tennis the controller at times fails to distinguish between your forehand and backhand strokes, however after enough gameplay time you learn how you have to swing to hit it in the direction you are aiming for. With golf it is very hard to judge the power for your swing, so I can pretty much guarantee you won't be spending much time hitting the links.

Wii Sports is fun for the whole family (literally), considering the similarity of the controls to the real life sports. My parents have never attempted to play video games with me before I bought my Wii, but now that I have one they've played a few games of bowling with me. I never thought I'd see the day that my mom would beat me in video games, however she has beaten me in bowling on a few separate occasions.

With Wii Sports you will experience video games in a whole new way. If you buy a Wii I guarantee that you will have a fun and unique experience with this game.