the game that started it all

User Rating: 10 | Wii Sports WII
if you dont like wii sports then there is somthing wrong with your gaming mind. Wii sports is the game if you dont know what to play then this is the game to choose. The games may be seen as over symplified but its classic fun and will stay that way. This chart topping game is still the charts since the wii was release years ago and is still going strong. The best games are bowling and tennis and boxing these are the most fun and easiest to advance the skill level while still holding interest.

However not all the games are like this i cant name the amount of times ive stood there attemping to hit a golf ball or trying to hit a home run and almost throwing the remote across the room. The other think that makes the game fun and different is MII compatability remeber the mii you made at the start of the game , well time for them to shine.

overall the game needs to played but remeber if you dont have many friends dont panic as the game can be played alone with traning mode and working against the computer to get skill levels. But getting pro isnt the best as with bowling you get a shiney ball with extra spin but dont get and high score and its buy buy pro and shine ball