best pack in ever? we will see about that

User Rating: 9 | Wii Sports WII
this is one of the best wii games ever made why cause its simple and very fun
sure its a compilation of tech demos but its still very fun
the good
very fun,comes free with most wii consoles everywhere(ecxpect in japan and korea)
the bad
too easy,too short
many games for wii are crapy very very crapy and i mean it,but if u want a free game with ur new wii than this is itand i mean it like this is the seacon best game on thhe wii(beaten only by mario galaxy)like not even the best PS3 or X360 game can beat this game
game play 9.0
music 7.5
plot 0.0
voice 0.0
graphics 8.5
overall 9.0
**actual score 9.4**
overall it fun for everyone(even those that hate sports games like fifa and nfl and nhl) thank you for readin my review for one of the best games on the planet earth. the end............