I liked Wii Sports but I thought this game was more fun to play. This game had a total of 12 sports.

User Rating: 8 | Wii Sports Resort (w/Wii MotionPlus) WII
Wii Sports Resort was the sequel to Wii Sports you know the one that comes with your Wii there doing that now with Wii Sports Resort. They added the Wii Motion Plus. You might think it is kind of stupid but I don't think so. My Nunchuk doesn't when plugging it the Wii Remote and I don't know why so I put my Nunchuk in the Wii Motion Plus and it works! Every sport was fun except for cycling and canoeing. The controls worked great and the graphics look a bit like a cartoon but that's not a bad thing as it was supposed to look like that. You can play multiplayer but the problem is for some games you would have to buy another Wii Motion Plus. My favorite event was Archery as it was when you shoot arrows and reach the targets. I also liked Island Flyover because you get to see the island known as Wuhu Island. Wii Sports Resort is a decent game but the problems were that two of the twelve sports were boring and that bowling and golf got a little more dull than the first game but overall it is a great game and you should buy it.