Wii Sports Resort offers more sports games, better presentation, great controls, making it better than it's predecessor.

User Rating: 7.5 | Wii Sports Resort (w/Wii MotionPlus) WII
Wii Sports Resort is the sequel to Wii Sports, which showed of what the Wii-remote is capable of when it comes to motion controls. Now, with Wii Sports Resort, you get the Wii-motion plus for even more sensibility, and it works awesome. Wii Sports Resort has less hiccups in the motion controls thanks to the Wii-motion Plus, and the game is overall simply better than it's predecessor.

Wii Sports Resort is a great sequel to it's good predecessor.
Instead of 5 there are now 12 sports games to choose from, and almost all of them are fun.
First the presentation: it' once again very simple. The graphics are simple though look better this time around, with brighter colors and some more details and extra visual effects. The menus are okay but charming and Wii Sports Resort is a game where you just feel comfortable.
Now, the whole game is based on the Wuu Huu Island, on which all the games take place on, and it certainly works. It gives the game it's own personality.
The sports games are once again very shallow, so the single player might leave you wanting for more, but the multiplayer is where it's at. And, the single player is better than in the first Wii Sports game at least.

Now, let's go through the games.
Sword fighting is awesome, the controls work and the game shows how good the motion sensibility of the Wii-remote can be. It gets really competitive especially in multiplayer and it's easily one of the best Sports Games of the game.
Table Tennis is also great: It requires way more precision to hit the ball right than in Tennis of Wii Sports.
Archery, though gets old fast, is also fun the first few times and shows of on how precised the Wii-remote can be.
Actually, all of the sports games are fun. The old sports games like Bowling and Golf make a return, though no Tennis, Boxing and Baseball. And yes, Golf works better fortunately.
There is even island cruising that feels similar to Pilot Wings on the N64 where you search the Wuu Huu Island for sights or to burst balloons. It's fun, but there should have been a four player and not only two player mode in that sports game.
The only really bad sports game is Cycling, which doesn't show off the power of the Wii-remote very well and just doesn't work well.
Basket ball is exceptional, but to basic for it's own good.

On a last note though I have to say that it's quite disappointing that this game doesn't support online in anyway. There are no leader boards as well as no online play, which is quite disappointing, but more or less a minor gripe.

Overall though Wii Sports Resort is an awesome game, that shines especially when playing with some friends.
It's still shallow, but it's certainly fun and lasts way longer than it's predecessor.
The Wii-motion plus works awesomely well, with only some rare hiccups, and almost all Sports games are fun. Simply put, this is a must buy if you want to get into action or have some friends to play with.

+ great controls
+ lots of sport games that are varied
+ great multiplayer

- still shallow
- no online support

Review Score: 7.5