Nintendo produces yet another success through its nifty remote and motion plus accessory.

User Rating: 8 | Wii Sports Resort (w/Wii MotionPlus) WII
2006's wii sports was a pack in product of the wii which was well received though admonished for its lack of game types and variety. Nintendo is here to atone for that 3 years later with wii sports resort. Boy, have they done a good job.
What you have is eighteen different games and some mini games within them. The old wii sports' golf and bowling are present, though they are made slightly tougher along with sports like cycling, table tennis, wake boarding, canoeing, sword fighting etc.

+addition of new games really helps the value
-very simplistic menu design

+good use of wiimote speakers
+cool ear-pleasing music
-some VERY off sounds. The swordplay hits sound like you're playing a drum

+environments and figures are pleasing to the eye
+different level designs are good
-absolutely no improvement of complexity from wii sports

+extremely responsive controls
+very nice and innovative control scheme
-some very rare control hang-ups

+solid multiplayer
+adds replay value
-need of motion plus accessory makes it less accessible

If you haven't got it as a pack in game like I did and if you like motion controls, look no further than wii sports resort