Wii Sports Resort is AMAZING.

User Rating: 9 | Wii Sports Resort WII
Wii Sports was and still is a sensational game where you could workout while not actually working out. Wii Sports Resort has expanded on the idea, which turned out good! I play Wii Sports Resort every day, just for some exercise, and to gEt StRoNg. The quality is exactly what you would expect: Wii graphics. Back then, the graphics weren't as good as the Nintendo Switch, since that's new and stuff. Anyways, the graphics are solid. Gameplay is nice. Whether it's playing basketball or CRASHING INTO THE DAMN TREES ON A DANG AIRPLANE. I love the idea of using the new accessories just as the old game. I just think the Wii Motion Accessory is kinda bad. Maybe just put an option to use the Motion Accessory? I dunno. It's pretty solid. The controls are weird, since your playing on a Wii Remote. Having Nunchuck's was a huge relief, but holding a Wii Remote like a paper airplane? It feels a bit weird. The characters are pretty nice, with champions and PRACTICAL PUNCHING BAGS. Give Ryan justice. The champions feel like actual champions (ahem pokemon)! It's SUPER hard and you need a bit of practice. I'M WATCHING YOU MATT. Overall, it's very good. I just wish there was a little more variety on the characters? I dunno. Who cares. This is my horrible review on Wii Sports Resort. It's FUCKING AMAZING. I just gave it a nine because you guys would judge me.