Reviewing Wii Party, 'cause i can!

User Rating: 8.5 | Wii Party WII
The Wii has few party games to choose from, and only Mario Party 8 seems to be the only official Nintendo- made one out there*, and Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and Wii Play aern't considered Party games by nintedo, just multiplyer games, so your not spoilt for choice then. Except on November 2011, a new Kid on the Party Block came along, and that would be Wii Party. could they get any more literal?

The game is very simple, but not always easy. The game, like Wii Sports Resort and its Predecessor's has several mini-games (80 by my last count) that you play in order to win. The point of this is to play with more than one person, not by yourself with the computer to play with, as, you can't really shout at the computer unless your a psycho who talks to games** for a living when you get angry.

The Game features your Miis (like its predecessors) that you use to play, and a rather muppet-like Mii you'll see if you play a few of their longer party games. Most mini-games do rely heavily on luck, not on skill, so its more of a Rock,Paper, Scissors, Lizard Spock situation with theses Party Games. One thing i do love is that the Mii's dress up for whatever game they're about to play. so if they were gonna play the "catch the mouse with the key"*** mini-game, they'd dress up in Indiana- jonesy- like outfits.

The Big Party games you can play consist of either Bingo, Board Game Island, Globe Trot, Spin-off and a couple others which, at some point, solely consist you collect cards, or points or even medals by winning at mini-games.

There is a single player mode, but i don't recommend playing it, as, depending on the difficulty you choose, it gets quite boring after a while.

Overall, i'm giving Wii Party an 8.5 out of 10, partly because the amount of mini-games on this game WILL keep you and your mates occupied for awhile, and partly because there isn't another Party game to compare it to as good as this.

*with the word "party" in its name!
**a Dr Do- Little, if you were of the gaming world.
*** yes, there really IS a "Catch A Mouse With The Key" Mini-game!