User Rating: 10 | Wii Party WII
I absolutely loved the game and me and my bros. play it all the time.:) Its great to play with the family, but the game is getting a little old because we got it last year on new years eve. We were just wanting to suggest a Wii Party 2 because its very fun but we beleive there should be more games added to the games there is now. Please consider making it :) i think many people would also want to see you guys make a Wii Party 2. Just think about it Wii Party was a great success, if you make a wii party 2 it will probably be even more of a success than wii party. We hope you see this and that we see Wii Party 2 later on in the future in 2012. Also me and my friends always play it when they come over they also enjoy as much as us. Me and my brothers favorite minigame on there is back attack. If you make a wii party 2 there should be an extended version or just the regular back attack as well. But we would enjoy an extended version better.