Better than Mario Party

User Rating: 10 | Wii Party WII
Lets say you have three other people coming over, and you want to have fun with them on your Wii. Although most people point to Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, or mainly, Mario Party 8 as a must-buy party game for the Wii, I love Wii Party more.

Wii Party is more than just minigames and a board game that the computers seem to always win, Wii Party has two board games: a simple game of get to the end and play minigames, and a complicated, yet fun, traveling board game, and they are both VERY fun.

The reason I like Wii Party more than Mario Party, is because it's more family friendly. The game doesn't revolve around luck (with the exception of a minigame or two), it revolves around family fun. You can play hide-and-seek with your Wii Remotes in Hide-And-Hunt, test your speed and reflexes in Animal Tracker, test your knowledge of your BFF in Buddy Quiz, Test your speed and vocabulary in Word Bomb, or just simply play Board Game Island! This game is SO MUCH FUN. If you want your family to have family fun night, or just have fun with your buds, yo should DEFINITELY get this game!