This is a great party game that you don't want to miss.

User Rating: 8 | Wii Party WII
Back in the Nintendo 64 and Game Cube days, Nintendo teamed up with Hudson to develop all of the Mario Parties. Those games got better every time they were being made. My personal favorite was Mario Party 8 because they added extra modes, and they implemented Miis for the very first time (only in certain games). This time Nintendo decided to make a party game that is only based on using your Miis. Hudson Soft wasn't even part of the development this time around.

This game has even more modes than Mario Party. You have board game mode (only one board), spin off (a game that's based off Wheel of Fortune with no trivia questions), world map (where you conquer areas with food and traveling around), bingo (board game), a memory game (where you match the Miis with the same colored clothing), boat balance, and several other game modes.

Unfortunately, there's only one board compared to Mario Parties. The designs were similar to Mario Party because your objective is to get to finish line before anyone else. There's no coin and star collecting this time. However, after every round, you still play lots of mini-games. Yes, there's still a practice mode. This time the winner always goes first, and it goes in order from the winners to the losers. The biggest disappointment is you can't save your progress, but your mini-game high scores will be saved. Overall, this mode lacks somewhat compared to most Mario Parties. Other than the drawbacks, this game is very fun to play with your families and friends.

I won't explain about every single game, but I will talk about some of the most exciting games. Believe it or not, some of the mini-games were based off from Mario Party. For example, there's one mini-game where you have to count the numbers in your head, and try to match the actual time (based off from Mario Party 7). Let's say there's ten seconds on the clock, and your seconds have to be very close to it, but not necessary the same exact time. Second, there's another mini-game (1 vs 3) where you have to press the same button as your opponent. It's a dance matching game that's based off from Mario Party 2.

They did a really good job making some of the most fun mini-games ever. For example, there's a strategy game where your Mii has to water the flowers, but it gets much more difficult later on. Eventually there will be more obstacles in the way, and you sometimes control three Miis at one time. Unfortunately, it's only a single player game. Yes, you can save your progress this time around. Also, I really liked the Wheel of Fortune spoof because you have to spin the large circle, and try to win a lot of money. They even threw in some chance games, and mini-game modes. This mode can be up to four players.

Since I'm a game reviewer, I can't let little things slide sometimes. There are a few other disappointments to this game as well. First, there's no online play. It would have been really fun to beat the world mini-game records, and become the greatest party game master. Second, there's no options menu. Meaning you can't toggle around with the tracks like you could in Mario Party. You can at least look through the mini-game records, but this mode is truly lacking.

Overall, this game is mainly focused on a variety of games instead of multiple board games. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who loves to party. :) I wouldn't recommend playing by yourself unless there's some single player games (there's a few of them).

Presentation - 8 There are a variety of mini-games to play, which means you won't grow bored out of it quickly. Unfortunately, the option mode lacks, and there's no online play. Too bad you can't save your progress in most of the modes, but your records will be saved.

Graphics - 7 There's a lot of brightness and color, but the Wii graphics aren't simple the greatest anyways.

Sound - 8 There's a variety of catchy music and sounds. At least, there's not much repetition like there was in Mario Party.

Game play - 9 The controls are responsive, and they are used in a variety of unique ways.

Lasting approval - 9 The main thing that prevents this game from being perfect is no online mode itself. You will most likely spend many hours playing this game, unless you're playing by yourself.

Overall: 8.2 I have to round it down a bit.