The game your mii has been waiting for - nintendo

User Rating: 10 | Wii Party WII
The wii has gone back to basics with this instant classic , wii party goes back to the mii that you created for wii sports and gives them a new lease of life. Wii party better played with friends allows the whole family to compete in instantly addictive games in different modes. From bingo to trying to match 3 mii in the same colour theres something for everyone. But its not just for a full house there is balance boat for two players trying to balance a boat , or a compatability test to see if they really know you. So it you want to kick start your party with 80 complex and exciting minigames then this is the game for you.

But the fun doesnt stop there with the NEW house party mode you can play hide the remote and pass the bomb one of the hardest games in the pack with unexspected consequences. But nintendo is clever and with the added wii remote the game was shot straight to the top of the game charts with a legacy as good as wii play and wii sports. So if you loved them games this game is sure to make you smile, but remeber apart from trying to get miis into coloured houses it much better with friends than alone.

Overall the game is a iconical game that takes the Wii back to its roots with the classic game type it was made for party games