This game is golden. You want to have a party game with perfect control, good games and fun? This is for you!

User Rating: 9.5 | Wii Party WII
Wii party is a kid friendly party game that includes a choc full of party games, house games, board games, pair games and challenges. Each are either great, fun or both! When you start the game you can pick what mii you want to play with and pick the style of game you want. Sadly it isn't all perfect. In a few games there are some damp control issues that hamper them.
The controls are simple for a few games but can get out of control. The nun chuck is not used in any games with is good thing but the motion controls are what makes them bad. Tilting the remote is hard and annoying. For example in the pizza delivering game, it's fun but the controls respond when they feel like it. The board games are fun and require skill and luck. But mostly luck. They are still enjoyable and most of the time you will win. House games are a touch of genius as they tend to be like kids games like hide and seek. You get the remote and hide it somewhere when your friend is in another room. Then he gets told to come in and and has to find it. If he needs a clue then the remote will make a noise through the mic. Note: If the remotes mic isn't on, then no clue will sound.
Wii party is a brilliant game. The games will keep you coming back and almost everything about it is marvellous. Buy it now.