Some People See this as lame, boring and stupid, although it isnt perfect, its a good crack at a new gaming Genre

User Rating: 8 | Wii Fit WII
You see ads with people wearing lots of white, living in big white houses, standing on a moderate sized board. I thought 'Hmmm thats lame' though when we got it and tried it out, it does make you sweat, it is moderately fun and better once you buy it you dont have to pay a membership fee all the time, and pay a personal trainer, instead you get a strangely white guy or girl telling you what to do.
The game/not game actually did improve my balance and when you first try a lot of the balance exercises you over shoot your weight and go too far left or right, some games arent hard in balance, but some arent that easy either.
Then came Yoga, which i found to be my own personal immortal enemy. Doing 'the tree' didnt look, but when you balance needs to be in the yellow zone i can say it isnt my 'cup of tea' as it told me.
Then there were Aerobic exercises, things like running and such, which people will manipulate like with jogging, just moving the Wiimote allows you to run, though when i got my friend actually do it, he couldnt even do half of the short course. So sure do that but whats the point in getting the game if your not going to try.
Then there were Muscle Exercises, that were actually quite difficult, push ups arent hard but when you have to hold them there it isnt as easy as being in constant motion.

No doubt this game is for everyone, and in places it isnt necessarily fun, but although people are saying, that wasnt fun, really how do you suppose that you can make Jackknives, Push ups and 5 minute jogging, Mario Material, Nintendo has done a good job at Wii Fit while leaving much room for improvement in the future.