You'll have to work hard to justify the expense but with the lbs falling off it should be worth it.

User Rating: 8 | Wii Fit WII
So what's £70 buy you these days? A Wii Fit that's what - well actually a Wii Board and the game Wii Fit.

First up what's in the box - 1 board, check - 4 batteries, check - 1 manual, check - 1 game, check.

The board itself is one of the most solid peripherals I have ever seen released for a console - it has a weight limit of 150kilos so it'll have to be to take that much weight - for those in the UK that don't get kilos that's around 23 1/2 stone!

Don't try and sync the Wii Fit to the Wii staight away it won't work. Instead plug the disc in - the Wii will be updated first. And then you can run the game it's at this point you can sync the board and your wii.

So a quick run down of what it entails. You jump (not littereally, you never jump on the board in real life!) on the board, enter your height and age and give and tell it roughly how much your clothes weight. It'll then work out your BMI, Weight and also where your center of balance is.

After that you get a short balance exercise and then your 'Wii Fit Age' mine for the record was 61 (I'm 36!)

You then get an option to decide how much body mass you want to loose and over what period. Once this is set and you've chosen either the male or (sexy) female trainer you're away.

The 'game' if you can call it that is split into four catergories: Aerobics, Muscular, Yoga and Balance.

Aerobics is Hoola Hoops and Stepping that sort of thing.

Balance features things like Heading Balls, Rolling Marbles and catching fish with sliding penguins.

Muscular features what you would most closely associate with normal exercise routines like press ups.

And finally Yoga teaches you several yoga positions which are harder to do that they might first look/

Alll of the games we have tried so far are great fun you unlock more as you spend more time using it, racking credits in the piggy bank as you do so. They are challenging and utilize and large verity of different styles to get you moving on the board.

You're supposed to spend 30mins each day with it and it moans at you if you don't!

You can also retest your Body any time you wish, although once a day should be sufficient. Each time you do this you'll be presented with a series of test from which your Wii Fit age is derived. Some of the test aren't quite as clear as they could be with their instructions.

Overall I am really impressed with the board and Wii Fit and it's even had my wife play with it for 30mins while I was out working on Saturday night which is something that has never happened before!

However, having sung it's praises the 'game' does have one big problem when playing it you 'log in' as yourself do your games etc and then log out and someone else logs in. There's no way to really set up a proper two player competitive experience a la Brain Academy which has several multimplayer modes.

I'd like to be able to challenge people at a series of events like a mimi wii fit olympics but you can't do it It's such a glaring omission I've downgraded my score of the game.