I bet that reviewer screwed up that first test and it asked him if he "tripped when he was walking."

User Rating: 9.5 | Wii Fit WII
Gamespot has something against Nintendo. Seriously, that's the facts. Before looking at reviews here, please pause for a moment. Family friendly, helpful more than amazing games are what Nintendo is doing right now. You need to understand that right now, that's their thing. Like Looney Toons and getting hit by anvils. That is their focus right now, because they realized it gets more people to buy.

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty. The game itself is innovative and creative. You set yourself for a weight goal, do some balance tests, and are told your physical age. Sort of like Brain Age. But more fun.

Many games come packed in this...ahem...package. You have yoga, strength training, balance games, and aerobics. After some time, you will unlock more, and get advanced modes. All of the games are unlocked over time to get you used to what you had and then moving on. Obviously, others on the Wii must unlock theirs themselves as well. It's only good for a worthwhile workout, to work towards those goals! I must comment, though, that the stale surroundings of the yoga and strength training games are beaten by the cozy surroundings of the aerobics running island or the balance game soccer field. You'll find yourself pulled towards the aerobics a little more quickly.

The fun of this game is that even without multiplayer, this game provides some fun family time. I can't count how many times since Christmas we've all just gathered around to see who got the newest high score. And no matter how many times I've seen the body test, I'm always nervously excited to see what I get as my age.

On another note, outside workouts are recorded on a log, so that can count towards unlocking games as well. You know, if you'd rather go to the crowded gym.

The key to this game is enjoying it in spirit. Don't think, "The games are all unlocked" or "these games are not fun" or "this workout that I just did today is stupid and dumb and I hate your face for making me do it." What you need to think is "This will make me more fit, no matter how much or little." Knowing you will succeed if you continue to try...that is what you need to keep on playing.

And guess what? If you just keep thinking that, you will.