Wii Fit U Cheats For Wii U

  1. Outfits

    Outfits are awarded by good performances in select games and challenges.

    Complete the Berlin distance course. Berlin Coat of Arms Shirt
    Complete the Chicago distance course. Chicago Skyline Shirt
    Get 2 stars in Extra Mode (Bird's Eye Bullseye) Chicken Suit
    Get 2 stars in Advanced Mode (Salsa dance) Dance Outfit
    Complete the Eiffel Tower altitude challenge Eiffel Tower Shirt
    Complete the Oahu distance course. Hawaii Shirt
    Complete the Sydney distance course. Koala Shirt
    Get 2 stars in Extra Mode (Rhythm Kung-Fu) Kung Fu Outfit
    Complete the Pyramids of Giza altitude challenge Nefertiti Shirt
    Complete the New York distance course. NY Shirt
    Complete the Tokyo distance course. Paper Lantern Shirt
    Get 2 stars in Advanced Mode (Scuba Diving) Scuba Suit
    Get 2 stars in Extra Mode (Soccor Heading) Soccer Uniform
    Complete the Statue of Liberty altitude challenge. Statue of Liberty Shirt
    Complete the London distance course. Union Jack Shirt
    Get 2 stars in Advanced Mode (Dessert Course) Waiter Suit
    Get 2 stars in Extra Mode (Snowball Fight) Winter Coat

    Contributed by: SSior27, sibertyger, hardyc, Samzam2058 

  2. Stamps

    Perform 70 body tests Bow Stamp
    Perform 22 body tests Clover Stamp
    Perform 10 body tests Flower Stamp
    Perform 6 body tests Heart Stamp
    Perform 100 body tests Mario Stamp
    Perform 30 body tests Mii Stamp
    Perform 50 body tests Music Stamp
    Perform 2 body tests OK Stamp
    Perform 40 body tests Rocket Stamp
    Perform 14 body tests Smiley Stamp
    Perform 4 body tests Star Stamp

    Contributed by: kolma, sibertyger 

  3. Unlockable Fitpiggy Colours

    Earn enough 'Fitcash' by playing the various balance games and your Fitpiggy will do a little dance and change colour!

    Accumulate 10 hours of training time Bronze Fitpiggy
    Accumulate 120 hours of training time Crystal Fitpiggy
    Accumulate 40 hours of training time Gold Fitpiggy
    Accumulate 20 hours of training time Silver Fitpiggy

    Contributed by: MaDmAtHiEu