Wii Fit Plus is an excellent and fun use of the Wii balance board, and a great excuse to work out

User Rating: 9.5 | Wii Fit Plus WII
Here's a funny story involving Wii Fit Plus. I got it for Christmas last year, started playing it in Febuary of this year, and haven't come back to it until December of this year. The game recognized how long I was out (307 days to be exact), and it said "welcome back, it's been a long time." Pretty cool! Anyways Wii Fit Plus is an excellent game and a great use of the Wii balance board.

Wii Fit Plus is basically an upgrade of Wii Fit, the highly successful and critically acclaimed revolutionary work out game that came bundled with the balance board. Having played the game a lot recently, I can say that the Board works extremely well. It recognizes your weight, sets records, and the control is perfect for this game.

As far as the games go, they're really fun and come in a large quantity. There's training, yoga, more yoga, and plus games. My favorite from the original is the penguin sliding game where you collect fish on an iceberg. Its use of the balance board i challenging! I dig the marble style game too, where you must put a certain number of marbles into holes before time runs out! Of course, the ski, snowboard and skalom games control amazingly and are fun to boot.

The new plus games are my favorites. The Marching game requires you to step to the beat and swing your arms around at the right time, and it's both original and fun. Golf is also excellent, and using your balance to swing a perfect shot is genius!My favorite though would have to be the Running plus game. It's incredible, and you don't even need a balance board or controller to PLAY IT!! Instead, you actually have to run! As a cross country runner, I dressed in my uniform just to play this game, and I actually broke a sweat! You basically follow a cat to the finish, and branching paths are everywhere (follow a different cat when you see one)! You'll then be able to take a quiz on what you saw, so pay attention; the questions also aren't as predictable as they would seem! Your high scores are saved, adding replay value.

The graphics are spectacular, well actually they're of the same quality as Wii Fit, but that's not a bad thing at all. There's plenty of color and detail in these graphics The music is also great and whimsical.

Wii Fit Plus is an excellent and fun use of the Wii balance board, and a great excuse to work out! If you ever thought video games were the cause of fat people, then Wii Fit (and Plus) is the reason why gamers are skinner. This has won over everyone for a good reason. It's very fun, easy to play, and appeals to everyone. My one complaint is how the game generally uses a calendar to track down your scores (skipping over days you id't show up) instead of an in game calendar. Otherwise this is top notch Nintendo! One of the wii's finest treasures and the best game to use the Balance Board!

Gameplay: 10/10: Excellent Balance board controls, a mix of new and old games, and overall great fun!

Graphics: 8.5/10: Not much different from Wii Fit, but still nice

Sound: 9/10: Whimsical, fun, and overall Nintendoish

Value: 10/10: Tons of games and each offers high scores and ample replay value! If I were you I would get off my lazy ass and go play video games....like this one! You'll thank me for it!

Final Score: 9.7/10 (A)