This gets you off the sofa and into gear. It won't make you slim and trim, it does pave your way towards better fitness.

User Rating: 9.5 | Wii Fit Plus WII
I don't want to for run in the morning, it's too cold outside (or too dark).
I don't want to go out for a job this evening, I'm too tired (or there's a show/movie on I want to see.)
I don't want to go to the gym today, it's too far away (or I can't find my keys

Have any of you heard these messages in your mind while trying to get yourself moving? Most likely you have, and many time these kinds of messages stop you in your tracks, (even though these are really excuses)

This is the facts of life for a non-active person.

Exercise is important for our bodies. Those who've been in weight loss programs have been told to make exercising fun, but that is very hard to do.

You see; whether you realize it or not; exercise is a chore. It is something we've got to do, but don't want spend the time doing it. It's boring, and there are plenty of other things to spend time on.

Well, not any more. For now on there is no excuse because Nintendo has introduced the Wii Fit Plus. This game makes exercising fun. The fact that it is FUN will get you off your bottom at least once a day if not more. It also makes keeping track of your weight easy.

One of the more unique features is how it deals with balance. If you have poor balance, this game is a must (hey if Physical Therapists use it in Rehabilitation Centers (don't ask me how I know that))

Now truth be told, this game won't make you slim and trim alone, (that requires a good diet and other exercises that the game doesn't provide), BUT....

It will get you off your BUT and put you on the road towards being better fit (and better balanced)

So in summary, this game is for any non-active person who needs to start exercises (which is most of them), and...

It is also for any person who will benefit from improved balance.

My Scores:
Graphics: 7.0 Good
Sounds: 6.0 Fair
Gameplay: 8.0 Great
Challenge: 9.0 Superb
Overall Score: 9.5 Almost Perfect