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User Rating: 10 | Wii Fit Plus WII
Wii fit plus adds all the games from the original game and add plus games. Those games however were the best of the games I played. Since I never played or had the original wii fit I bought the game with the balance board. The balance board is one of the good accessories for the wii it's only one of my 5 accessories peripherals. One is the wii wheel an arcade style wii wheel. I have 2 guns 1 is the wii Sapper and a wii gun. And have a unopened cooking mama set. So back to the review this game could make you tinnier but also reveal your fats. The game is fun but also makes you frustrated. Sometimes if you play the run where you have ro run for like 10 minutes can really get tiring easily. Skateboarding will want you to jump went you're loosing. But my overall favorite game of the bunch was Kung Fu looking at the dance moves kinda makes me laugh. That game covers you on the front and 4 of you're mii's on your library. Wii fit plus also gives you a channel for free. It's good to see a new channel for me since I have no Internet connection for some reason. Overall wii fit plus is. A good exercise game to burn your fats and have fun at the same time. If you have the original wii fit buy just the game but for those who don't have wii fit buy the bundle with the balance board. Overall the game is good so buy it now and this is miguelabuel signing out from this review and thanks for reading.