Focuses on the most overlooked fitness aspect of all time.

User Rating: 9 | Wii Fit Plus WII
I wanted to review this product as I don't think it gets taken seriously enough. Most people who already have a reasonable fitness level dismiss this as simply a childish toy or purely for obese people, that's simply not true.

One of the most fundamental aspects of fitness is balance. Most people may think well I can stand up when needed, therefore I have good balance, but what this product does is highlights weaknesses in our balance in a clear manner and seeks to rectify them. Each time I walk away from Wii Fit Plus I feel refreshed, happy, calm and generally in a better frame of mind.

As an ex-mountain biker I like to think I fall into the serious fitness category but even so I take this product with all the respect it deserves and get rewarded as a result. I would challenge anybody regardless of fitness level to come away from the island jog or push-up challenge without feeling out of breath and breaking a sweat. My only critique of this product is it would have been nice to have a cushioned balance board with some kind of risers to make the step aerobics more challenging but overall its an essential product for anyone to own. Last but definately not least the balance board is an excellent weighing scales with built in BMI Indexing.