Way too cutesy and not what I expected - wish I saved my $90 instead of buying this

User Rating: 5 | Wii Fit Plus WII
I read the reviews for this game/accessory saying this is nothing more than an expensive scale and was hoping they were wrong.

Well after a month of trying to use this program, I have to say they are not only right that it's an expensive scale, but the software is way too cutesy, even for the Wii. Very irritating.

I will say it was a lot of fun at first, and the board seems to be very accurate in weighing you and responding to you changing your balance, but I just don't see how this is going to help me get in shape or lose weight.

In summary - not worth it in my opinion. The "exercises" are not really fun after the first try.

Plus they want you to be in your bare feet instead of wearing shoes on the board, and I never felt comfortable with the wiimote in my hand while I'm trying to exercise.

But the main drawback is the kiddy software was made for a 3 year old or something, not very interesting for me.