The wizards at Nintendo have even made working out fun! Is there anything they can't do?

User Rating: 9.5 | Wii Fit Plus WII
Wii Fit Plus is a very fun and addictive game! And it helps keep you in shape too. Bonus! Although it's not going to give you an intense cardiovascular workout that is going to turn you in to an Olympic champion, just playing it for half an hour a day will help keep your body toned and flexible. When you first purchase the game it comes with a balance board. For almost all of the activities in the game you stand on the balance board and use it in some manner to participate in the activities. The balance board measures your balance and weight distribution. A small percentage of the games' activities also have you using the Wii remote and nunchuk in tandem with the balance board.

When you first fire up the game you will be taken to the Wii Fit Plaza. This is where the game starts every time and here it shows all characters (represented by their Miis) who are registered in the game. Above the characters you will see a graph that traces everyone registered in the games progress in terms of their BMI. My BMI has gone consistently down since I started the game but it hasn't been a straightforward journey, there have been a lot of peaks and valleys along the way! Anyways, from the Wii Fit Plaza screen you have a few options. The first option is "Settings". Here you can download the Wii Fit channel on your Nintendo Wii's main menu, or you can check the settings on your Wii balance board. The second option is "Trial". Here you pick a random Mii without registering and then go sample what the game has to offer. The next option is "Multiplayer". Here you can participate with other people in a multiplayer mode in any of the games Wii Fit has to offer (only the games, not the workout activities!). Note that only one player goes at a time and you then take turns. The next option is "New Profile". Here is where you click in order to choose your Mii and get registered in the game. The fifth and last option is "Pet Stats". Apparently you can add your pet to Wii Fit Plus! I haven't tried it yet because our cat is a bit psychotic and I'm not sure she'd be down with Wii Fit! Once you are registered and ready to go your Mii will appear at the bottom of this main screen as I stated earlier. To enter the game just click on your Mii.

The next screen you come to is the Calendar Screen, and this is kind of your home base. From here you have a number of options. The first option is "User Settings". Here you can change the layout of your profile. Colour, stamp type, etc. are all managed here. The next option is the "Graph" option. Here you can get a very detailed graph on your entire progress on Wii Fit Plus. Now we get in to the two major portions of the game. The next three options are called "Body Test", "Training" and "My Wii Fit Plus" respectively, and I'll talk of them in more detail below.

First of all, the "Body Test" is something you should do once a day whenever you get around to playing Wii Fit Plus. After initially registering yourself on Wii Fit Plus you will be asked to do a Body Test. To do a Body Test the Wii will ask you to stand on the Wii balance board and center yourself as perfectly as possible. The balance board will weigh you and also trace your center of balance pattern. The results will then be put on the graph. After the weigh-in you will be asked if you want to take part in a couple of body and mind games to test your Wii Fit age. It will then give you two random games to play (there are a total of 10 different body and mind games to play I believe). Depending on how you did in the two games combined with the results from your Body Test, the Wii will give you your Wii Fit age. I've been as high as 48 years old before! But I've also been as young as 20 years old too. The more I play the consistently younger I measure in at. After completing the Body Test you will be asked to stamp your calendar and you can even set goals for yourself in terms of how much weight you want to lose/gain in a certain period of time (the deadline day will show on the calendar). As for the stamps you use to mark your calendar, you start off with one stamp and the more you play Wii Fit Plus, the more stamps will be unlocked (there are 8 total I'm pretty sure). Make sure to do a Body Test every time you play as this is what posts your results to the graph and calendar.

Now, "Training" is where you find all of the actual games and activities you play in Wii Fit Plus. These activities themselves are broken up in to five different categories. The first category is called "Training Plus". This is the biggest section of games to play on Wii Fit Plus (available in Multiplayer mode) and these games focus on an overall body workout, utilizing both the balance board and the remote/nunchuk. The games included under "Training Plus" are: Perfect 10, Island Cycling, Rhythm Kung Fu, Driving Range, Segway Circuit, Birds-Eye Bulls-Eye, Snowball Fight, Obstacle Course, Tilt City, Rhythm Parade, Big Top Juggling, Skateboard Arena, Table Tilt Plus, Balance Bubble Plus, and Basis Run Plus.

The next category under Training is "Yoga". Here you do actual yoga exercises to help with your balance and flexibility (not available in Multiplayer mode). The yoga activities available are: Deep Breathing, Half Moon, Warrior, Tree, Sun Salutation, Standing Knee, Palm Tree, Chair, Triangle, Downward-Facing Dog, Dance, Cobra, Bridge, Spinal Twist, Shoulder Stand, Spine Extension, Gate, and Grounded V.

The next category is "Strength Training". Here you do actual exercises to help build your strength (mostly in your arms, legs and abs, but also some help your gluts and back too). These too are not available in Multiplayer mode. The exercises available are: Single-Leg Extension, Push-Up & Side Plank, Torso Twists, Jackknife, Lunge, Rowing Squat, Single-Leg Twist, Sideways Leg Lift, Plank, Tricep Extension, Arm & Leg Lift, Single-Arm Stand, Balance Bridge, Side Lunge, and Single-Leg Reach.

The next category is "Aerobics". There are a small bunch of games that sure get you sweating! These games are available in Multiplayer mode and are as follows: Hula Hoop, Basic Step, Basic Run, Super Hula Hoop, Advanced Step, 2-P Run, Rhythm Boxing, Free Step, and Free Run.

The last category under Training is "Balance Games". And this is not a trick title. These games, you guessed it, focus on improving your balance! These games are available in Multiplayer mode and are as follows: Soccer Heading, Ski Slalom, Ski Jump, Table Tilt, Tightrope Walk, Balance Bubble, Penguin Slide, Snowboard Slalom, and Lotus Focus.

I didn't go in to a description of each game/activity in detail because I'd be here all week! But for the most part I think you can get the gist of most of the activities based on title alone.

The last option from the calendar screen as I mentioned above, is called "My Wii Fit Plus". There are a few choices you can make under this option. The first is "Wii Fit Plus Routines". Here you can do custom routines (combining numerous varied game activities) that Wii Fit Plus put together to target specific areas. The categories of routines you can choose from are: Lifestyle, Health, Youth, and Form. You can also click on the combine button to get a routine that takes a little from each of these categories and puts together a more comprehensive routine.

The next option is "My Routine". Here you can add any game or activity within Wii Fit Plus to your very own personalized routine that you plan on doing on a regular basis. Unfortunately you only have one routing to use, you can't put multiple routines together with each one focusing on a certain aspect, so that kind of sucks. But it's nice to have a place where you can put together all of the games/activities you do often in to a convenient place to get at them.

The third option is "Favourites". Here Wii Fit Plus gives you three lists ranking the various games/activities in Wii Fit Plus based on how you play them. The three rankings are games you've played Frequently, Recently, and Rarely.

The last portion of the "My Wii Fit Plus" option is a couple of little things. First there is the "Calorie Check". Here you can view all types of foods and see how many calories they contain. Then you can compare that to how many calories you've burned playing Wii Fit Plus that day. Next is "Fit Credits" and this is kind of cool. Clicking on this option shows you how many calories you've burned in each category of gameplay (Training Plus vs. Yoga vs. Strength Training vs. Aerobics vs. Balance Games). The next options is the "Switch Trainer" option. When you first start on Wii Fit Plus it will ask you if you would like a male or female trainer for when you're doing the Yoga and Strength Training exercises. I chose female of course! And lastly you have the "What are METs" option. Each game/activity in Wii Fit Plus has a MET value associated with it. That value is approximately how much energy you burn play said activity. This option just describes to you the MET calculations. Boring!

As you can see, there is a lot to do on Wii Fit Plus and it's not just stupid, boring exercises! They really did well putting in a large and varied mix of mini-games combined with actual exercises. I really can't fault this game for anything aside from you not being able to build more than one custom routine. This game is fun, it's addictive, and it's a game anyone can play. I've heard some people scoff at it but that's only because they haven't played it!