You better watch the show rather playing it because it is not worth your time playing.

User Rating: 3.3 | Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2nd Edition PS
Ok,if you watch the show before you might know how the game goes.For those who don't,(You never watch "Who wants to be a millionaire"?)here's how it works.

First of all you have $100 to start with.You answer the question which a choice of 4 possible answer.You get it right,you move up to 200$ and so on.If you don't sayonara,GAME OVER,but don't worry Regis will help you.You have three lifelines.One is that you ask the audiences(not on TV) about their opinion.The right answer is probaly the letter with the most votes,but don't bet it will be true.
Second is the 50:50 lifeline.Your choice of the 4 sets of answer will be reduse from 4 to 2,which really helps you(I hope).Last but not least is the "call a friend" lifeline.You get to call a friend which you don't know and you ask him or her the question.They will give you the answer and they will sat how sure they are.(e.g. I am 99% sure).But don't think this is your gateway to victory,because they may be your enemy when the answer is wrong.

Overall this game is rubbish.The question are so damn hard and you can recognize the question after a few trys.If you are not an american and from another country you are doomed beacause hemay ask you some american-related questions.The grahics are a ok but nothing to enjoy.Gameplay is the worst I've ever experienced and the sound is boring.I also can't stand the fact is that you willalways see the check with a 0$ written.(just make me want to blow the roof).In the end like my review text,you better watch the show than playing it.