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FIFA 15 is a sports football simulation video game developed by EA Canada and published by Electronics Arts. . A new engine called the Ignite Engine will be used in FIFA 15.

The game is obviously partially funded by FIFA which means it has the rights for all the player names and the clubs logos. This is a major advantage that set FIFA 15 apart from competitor PES 15 and gives a lot more opportunity to the player to expand his transfer targets to countries not available in other football games.

The overall game has the way in which fantastic soccer matches usually are fought for, together with innovations towards action of which really encourage supporters to create enjoy by way of midfield, dictating this pace of an match up.Feel the strain since it's likely that created, in addition to go through the thrill of smacking a corner on the online. A new attribute termed Genuine Shot as well as a brand-new basketball physics method will probably change shooting, producing just about every opportunity try really feel genuine. FIFA 15 gives on the web functions in addition to stay providers of which hook up supporters towards heart beat on the hobby in addition to together by way of EA ACTIVITIES Football club. FIFA 15 Video Game is actually football's myspace or facebook, in which supporters hook up, vie in addition to offer millions of people around the globe.

Genre: Sport Publisher: Electronic Arts Developer: Electronic Arts Release Date: Mid 2014 INTEL CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz AMD CPU: Athlon II X2 3.2 GHz Nvidia GPU: GeForce 8800 GT AMD GPU: Radeon HD 3870 RAM: 4GB

OS: Win XP/ Win 7/ Mac Direct X: DX 9