Well of Souls Cheats For PC

  1. All Items In The Game!!!

    During game play just type in /Gimme and you will have all the items and spells in the game

    Contributed by: DMarto 

  2. Restore all HP and MP

    Just type /inn and all your HP and MP will be restored.

    Contributed by: Victory 

  3. Bring Out a Monster to Fight

    /fight L??

    This brings out a monster of the specified LEVEL. Fill in the ?? with the level of a monster.

    For example, typing /fight L23, you will fight a level 23 monster.

    If you are the host of a scene (say you just pressed your CAMP button), then you can use this command to bring individual monsters into your scene (you can give the command several times, but will probably crash if you do it too much).

    You do NOT earn GP or XP from these monsters. Solo Mode Only.

    Contributed by: Victory 

  4. Fight A Monster of Choice

    Type ''/fight <monster#>'' in the chat box where ''<monster#>'' is the ID number of a monster found in the pokedex. The monster will only come to fight you if you are in the camp setting in solo mode. You will not gain GP or XP from the monsters.

    Contributed by: mootootwo 

  5. ''Let's Find Pi!'' Minigame

    Type in /pi at any time to play the exciting ''Let's Find Pi!'' minigame.

    Contributed by: Victory 

  6. Gain/Take Quest Tokens

    Like all other cheats type /give T[token#] and you gain that quest token. To take quest tokens type
    /take T[token#].

    Contributed by: eyesonfinalfantasy 

  7. Cheats - Will Not Mark as ''Cheater''

    Use of these cheats will NOT mark your character as a cheater.

    Effect Effect
    /fail After selecting a spell, type this to see how many times it may fail
    /pal <#> Changes color scheme
    /nomic Disables mirophone (may not work for all computers)
    /unbleep <word> Disables the "Bleep" feature
    /homework Displays a fun little math problem
    /colors Displays Book of Colors
    /sayings Displays Book of Sayings
    /version Displays current version of your world (for World Designers only)
    /diary Displays Diary
    /speech Displays microphone dialog screen (may not work for all computers)
    /dist <#> Displays monster distribution by level (for World Designers only)
    /tune <#> Displays or sets gossip channel
    /phist Displays packet report
    /pwd Displays path to the Well of Souls folder
    /pokedex Displays Pokedex
    /skins Displays skin folder
    /skin Displays Skin Viewer
    /pet Displays Train Pet screen
    /theme<#> Enables a sound theme
    /fx<#> Enables a special FX scene
    /weather<#> Enables a weather type (rain, snow, etc.)
    /bleep <word> Enables a word to be "Bleeped" every time someone writes it
    /mic Enables microphone (may not work for all computers)
    /password Enables password (leave boxes blank to disable)
    /fps Enables/Disables frame-per-second meter
    /eavesdrop Enables/Disables listening to all players
    /seance Enables/Disables seeing "Ghost" players
    /terrain Enables/Disables terrain display
    /mags FInds out how many magnificent hits occur out of a million tries
    /easter <year> Give the date of Easter for the specified year
    /villagers Opens Monster Skin Viewer
    /www.<website> Opens the specified site
    /asteroid Opens up the Big Ol' Space Rocks mini-game
    /funpak Pops up a window with a bunch of information about the game
    /pdice Privately (only you can see) a dice number
    /a Refers to your character in third-person
    /preset Resets Packet History
    /dice <#>d<#> Rolls a certain amount of dice with a certain amount of sides
    /dice Rolls a dice number
    /shout <text> Sends message to all players
    /lag Shows incoming/outgoing data
    /midi <midi name> Starts playing a MIDI song (must be in WOS folder)
    %3 Types random "insulting words"
    /w <text> Whispers to selected player
    /afk <text> Will display message to anyone who mentions your character
    /help <word> Will search in the help file for the topic

    Contributed by: EPNeo 

  8. Cheats - Marked as ''Cheater''

    Use of these cheats WILL mark your character as a cheater!

    Effect Effect
    /monster Displays monster radar (Not marked as cheater if you have a Golden Soul)
    /lose s<#> Forget a certain spell
    /give i<#> Get a certain item
    /give g<#> Get certain amount of gold
    /give s<#> Learn a certain spell
    /lose g<#> Lose certain amount of gold
    /lose i<#> Lose certain item
    /reload Re-enters world and reloads changes (for World Designers only)
    /scene<#> Takes you to a certain scene

    Contributed by: EPNeo 

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