One of the best wrestling games. Period.

User Rating: 8.7 | WCW/nWo Revenge N64
:Good Idea:
·There is a huge selection of wreslters and ninjas to choose from. Not sure why there were random boxers and ninjas in the game, but whatever. The game rocks. From Hollywood Hogan (even in his Hulkmania days) to DDP, this game has them all.
·Plenty of signature moves for all the characters. Easy to access moves, so even if you are teh suck or if your just new, you can learn the moves in a matter of minutes.
·Blood. Blood is always a great idea in a fighting game. And the blood makes you go "Ohhhhh, man! He freakin' busted his nose open!". Well, it made me do that, at least.

:Bad Idea:
·Game is pretty easy, once you have a weapon. Basically, reach out for them first and you'll always win.
·Sounds are kind of weak. There's no real soundtrack to the game besides the consistant looping of the THQ generic music.
·Can't beat the ref up because he's not in the ring.

·One of the best wrestling games ever put out in the States. If you have a N64 and haven't experienced this game, please, do yourself a favor and buy this.