WCW/NWo Revenge

User Rating: 2.5 | WCW/nWo Revenge N64
Gameplay: 3
Graphics: 4
Sound: 3
Value: 1
Tilt: 3
WCW/NWo Revenge is one of the worst wrestling games I have ever played. First, the music in the game, I believe, is the same as WWF Wrestlemania 2000 . There are 5 options to choose from in the start menu,which are, championship, exhibition, special match, costume change, and options; there is no career mode. Championship mode lets you defend the title (U.S title, Cruiserweight, etc.) in a regular match. Exhibition has only two match types to choose from, single and tag team. When I saw "special match" I thought it was going to be cage match and etc. However, it was once again only two options, battle royal and and handicap. Costume change speaks for itself where you can edit the current superstars in the game and also it is the only way to create a superstar as there is no create-a-wrestler mode. There are a couple pre-made created wrestlers which you can edit if you want to keep the real superstars. Furthermore, there are six arenas to choose from, but many superstars to choose that are categorized by groups. For example, Ravens Flock, White NWO, Red NWO, and etc. Overall, WCW/NWO Revenge is a game that can definitely be passed as it is one of the worst wrestling games ever created.