User Rating: 9 | WCW/nWo Revenge N64
when i think of wrestling i think of this game and wrestlemania 2000 both are pretty goood wrestling games but i like this one the most along with smack down vs raw 2007 any way this game has alot of wrestlers hulk hogan goldberg raven rody piper alot but no rock no edge no hhh no anything just crappy ones so 2000 wins right there theres alot of levels mostly paper view anereas holloween havoc bash at the beach yea other cool stuff one problem i have with this game is made up characters they couldnt have fit awsome characters but its nwo and wcw these other cool werstlers arent in that team its really fun so i definetley reccomend this i gotta go bye

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next reviews are banjo tooie tekken 3 crisis core(if i ever get boerd of it with all the stupid dialoge) and others sorry for the wait on the reviews just was having trouble with selecting a game to play if you think wrestle mania 2000 is better than this game message me
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