WCW back with Mayhem.

User Rating: 7 | WCW Mayhem (Classics) PS
After bad THQ's WCW Nitro and WCW NWO thunder EA sports started doing WCW games. And for the first try its not very bad game. The game looks normal game have few arenas like Thunder, Nitro, WCW saturday wrestling. The controls are easy you can do suplex or other wrestling move without any problems. You need a full momentum if you want to do finisher. The game have also few match types like hardcore where you can easy whoop ass to your opponent :) The game offers play season mode as well where you starting from television champironship and at the end in world heavyweight championship. In first ''level'' oppnents are easy and you deafet them fast but in the final stage its not very easy. All what you need to do in season jus take out contenders to the title. After beating champions you get bonuses like new wrestlers.and you just get belt after belt. The season mode without storyline. So if you want good, solid WCW style action game you have to check it out.