The best wcw game on the psx even till this day haters can go somewhere else too bad wcw mayhem 2 was canceled.

User Rating: 9 | WCW Mayhem (Classics) PS
After THQ made wcw nitro and wcw nwo thunder for the px ideas for a new wcw game for the psx were not spoken of.Until wcw mayhem came out for the psx this was the best wcw game on the psx.

The intro is cool because it has a cg kind of Goldberg being created . Oh ya EA made this instead of THQ which is a good idea.

This game also has all 12 pay per views which is cool. Now I heard that there is some collision detection in this game but I have played it and I have not encountered this problom. The CAW system sucks in this game.

So overall this a game is good for EA's first wrestling game unlike WCW Backstage Assault but we will talk about that one sometime.

So good job EA excellent job on the graphics.

But you sucked on Backstage Assualt which was very very crappy and very bad collision detection